"I'm busy"

I'll preface this by saying 2 things: 1. I'm probably looking into this too much

2. I have been told that I'm a weirdo for doing this

Something that bugs me is when I message people to do something, to chat, to hangout, etc. and they say that they are busy and can't do whatever I request. But then, I see that they are active online, watching my Instagram stories, liking my posts, etc. 🤷‍♂️😒

For example, last night I sent a message to someone on Instagram. They didn't respond. So, me being a shit, I posted an Instagram story like 1 minute after (I do lots of little experiments like these). I left my phone for 10 minutes and they didn't respond but I saw that they viewed the story that I posted.

I don't get it... 😔Your words and your actions aren't aligned.

With all this being said, I'm sure I have done the same thing before. I'm sure I could ask some ppl in my family and they would probably same I'm notorious for this.

Written: October 25, 2020