I'm not a huge fan of email, Slack, text. I see how incredibly useful they are but, as a human being, they have some downsides that I don't like.

First, they tend to have natural negativity bias. So if you receive an email that's positive, most people will assume it is meh. But if you receive an email that's meh, you'll probably think it's negative.

Second, text does not allow one to observe others or convey your own facial expressions, voice inflections, tone, etc. etc. I have gotten in trouble many atimes where I wrote something in Slack that I thought was clearly a joke; however, the receiver conveyed it as serious and then proceeded to lose their minds. I blame myself.

For both these reasons, I'm a huge fan of using emojis. And not just with personal communication but also with business. It allows the receiver to get a better sense of the feelings and tone you are trying to convey which is 😄👍🏿. I think we'd do a lot better communicating as human beings if we used more pictographic scripts.

Written: September 15, 2020

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