Look inward

I totally stole this from Jordan Petersen, but like I noticed that people have issues with things external to them (including themselves) and they criticize those things externally. But, like, a lot of times those aren't really issues — the external things I mean.

Instead, the actual issue is with the person themselves. But for whatever reason, they are distracting themselves or deluding themselves from the real issue — which is themselves — and they look to deal with, solve, what have you, the issues that are external to them.

Petersen talks about "setting your house in order" first before going on and taking on external issues.

For example, you'll notice that a lot of university students take on social causes and injustices. They want to tear down the structures around them and build new systems. With that being said, on an individual level, do these people really have THEIR OWN SHIT TOGETHER?

Speaking from experience, I had my university paid for, I had like no responsibilities other than getting good grades (i.e. no dependents, no mortgage, etc.), I was definitely deluding myself with dealing with deep rooted insecurities.

I suspect a lot of people that seem to have issues with everything in the world, they probably have issues deep down and they are either distracting themselves from those issues OR those issues are manifesting themsleves into the world with all these external issues.

They are all full of piss and vinegar but have no responsibilities going along with their "rights".

So start with yourself. Fix yourself up first. Once you've done that, fix up a group around you like your family. Once you've done that, fix up your community. Then your province, then your country, then the world.

Written: November 23, 2020