Focused vs. Diffuse

Focused vs. Diffuse

I've been struggling with this idea of focused vs. diffuse. Usually, I think I'm a good mix of both. I channel my anxiety so that I'm super focused and then when I take a break, I would say I'm very diffuse. I would say I lean more toward focused, especially if I'm anxious.

Lately, I've been upset and frustrated with my attention. It seems more diffuse and all over the place. So I've really been trying to get me more focused —> deleting apps on my phone, changing passwords on accounts, etc. etc. I've been trying to make my environment optimized for focus.

This is sort of what I've perceived my friend Roger to do; you know, he doesn't have social media accounts, doesn't have all these additional distractions that I have.

With that being said, I wonder if I am going too far on the other side... 1. I remember reading in Adam Grant's "Give and Take" that lone genuises rarely succeed in the long-run. It's more about cross pollinating and helping others. 2. To add to that first point, I found that I actually felt really good when I'd randomly go onto Twitter or LinkedIn and solve people's problems when they posted there. And I got to meet and connect with some cool people too!

So it's probably some balance in the middle, which I haven't yet found for myself, but will be constantly striving to find.

Written: November 23, 2020