Homescreen 3.0

Complimentary articles include:

  • Made it so all apps fit onto one screen —> did this by deleting apps and creating folders. Makes it so I don't waste time flipping between screens.
  • Turned Color Filters on so the screen is Grayscale. With no colour, it makes it far less attractive to be on your phone.
  • Deleted all social media apps, as per ROI. I still have the chatting apps so that if I do want to connect with people I can but trying to reduce the amount of mindless scrolling.
  • Deleted all dating apps. I have accepted the fact that if I find a girl it won't be through Tinder and I will live with those consequences.
  • I've left my phone downstairs when I go to bed (during the week, I am more lax on weekends).

Written: November 16, 2020