"I just got fired" 🚧

This is a tough article for me to write because I really want to try to help everyone / be friends with everyone. I think the more friends, the merrier.

With that being said, I want to suggest an exercise you might consider doing in your own life, which may or may not help you.

Imagine you just got fired. OR something terrible happened, like your house burned down or your dog died.

Imagine this just happened and then ask yourself, "Who would you reach out to once it happened?" Write the names of these people down.

You might have two lists, especially in the case you imagine getting fired. You'd reach out to personal connections (family, close friends, etc.), as well as professional connections that you value their opinions.

So write down a list of ppl.

This may seem radical but those are probably the people you should most of your attention into. I'm assuming friendships (which include family) follow Pareto Distribution:

That is there are a few friendships that mean a whole lot to you and you value incredibly AND, on the flip side, you get a lot of value from.

Charlie Munger quote about going betting it all:




I don't think you should completely cut yourself off — there might be more cool people to add to your circle — but ya.

Definitely put as much time and effort into the people you wrote down.

Written: November 18, 2020

What about Twitter and finding new ppl to connect with, expanding your network?