WIP: Action vs. Consuming 🚧

On a spectrum, you could broadly say there are 2 extremes:


On 1 end, there's consuming. You need to be taking in new GOOD information. Examples of consuming could be reading, listening to podcasts, taking a course, etc.

On the other end, there's taking action. This means actually doing something. Building a business, making an investment, etc.

As most things in life, the best strategy is probably a delicate balance between the 2 —> The Middle Path.

For me, I tend to default to Consuming. Because of my anxiety, perfectionism, and fear of failure, I really love reading (and because I just love to learn). But reading is an Action Fake. When I read, it gives me the sense that I'm making progress — and you could argue, maybe I am. But, I'm not actually.

I think the great thing, from a theoretical point of view, about taking action is that it allows you to learn WHILE at the same time, you also take action. So you get the benefit of both. Compare that to consuming, where you only get the benefit of learning.

Written: November 23, 2020