WIP: Top purchases under $100 🚧

I've been on a buying spree — I think Covid and not working as much as normal has made me look for things to find entertaining or fill my time.

In any case, I've been asking a ton of people: "What's your top purchase under $100?" Notes:

  • What I'm attempting to get at here is what are relatively cheap things that people can buy to positively impact a human's life? As in, what's something that you have that you think other people should also have.
  • It doesn't need to be cut and dry under $100. Just a ballpark.

For me, I couldn't think of a top one but here are some:

  • Mous phone case. Has special elevated edges and design to protect phone from shattering if it is dropped. Relatively slim — I've found protective cases usually are like bricks and add a lot of bulkiness.
  • Reading light. Ideal for reading in bed or if reading while in a vehicle without lighting.
  • Any book. If I can read a book that costs me $30 and it gives me an idea, I think that's a decent ROI.
  • Black, 6-feet iPhone charging cables. The additional length is great so that you don't need to be huddled over near an outlet. And, also, I like how they are coloured (you can get them in all sorts of different colours) so if someone steals them (cough someone in my family cough), I know specifically which ones are mine compared with the generic iPhone white cables.
  • Smart Plugs. Set up to turn my night light and happy light on and off at the appropriate times during the day.
  • Tiles. Not for if I lose my keys, but when I lose my keys! LOL
  • Multi Plug Output Splitter. Makes a regular outlet waaaaay more useful.
  • Percussion Massage Gun.

Written: December 2, 2020