I've had an ever changing relationship with LinkedIn.

I loved it in university -- any of my students can vouch for that! At certain periods, I would not help students on my own free time unless they had created a LinkedIn profile. (I did this for their own good so that they could start building their network as soon as possible)

For a time, I wanted to get a job there when I graduated. It was "my social network". I was a relatively early adopter within my year of Queen's Commerce.

Once I got into working, LinkedIn's shine started to fade in my eyes. LinkedIn seemed like a forum for a "who's better contest?" And me being my competitive self, it sometimes hurt to see others doing well and made me feel behind. TBH, it still does sometimes too.

I've now evolved to another view of LinkedIn. It's like any social network or, really, any tool -- it can be used or viewed as good or evil. I'm choosing to view it as good; it is a tool that allows me to help people when I can.

Written: sometime in July, I posted it on LinkedIn