I've been reading a book that challenges many "sacred cows" we have as a society. And it's made me wonder how many other things are out there that most people agree upon that are incorrect or wrong.

This is similar to Peter Thiel's contrarian interview question: "What important truth do very few people agree with you on?"

Please email me ( if you perceive X to be the wrong way to do things.

Here are some that I think (many of which I'd say are fairly mainstream):

  • University. The future of universities.
  • Home ownership. I'm not "sold" (get it 😜) on the fact that home ownership is such a great investment, especially for younger people.
  • Compound Interest and Index Funds. Used to be huge believer in what is touted in "I Will Teach You To Be Rich", which I still recommend as a read, nonetheless. Anyways, Sethi (the author) recommends compound interest + index funds for an investment strategy. The latter is definitely better for average folks than individual stocks and, especially, mutual funds. With that being said: - Many of the charts / figures that show you "the value of compound interest" and how large your principle could come, they don't factor in things that happen in reality — things like market crash, inflation, human emotions. - Sethi probably does NOT make his money from compound interest. He makes money on selling the idea of compound interest.
  • Weddings. Spend $X0,000 on an event that last a day. I know it is a very important milestone in perople's lives but still. Also, there's a 50% chance you get divorced! 🙃
  • Canada Food Guide / America Food Guide. The shit they say is good for you is legit shit LOL

Written: November 28, 2020