Square peg in a round hole

Square peg in a round hole

One of my favourite movie scenes is from Apollo 13:

Short story is that they had a malfunction with their space craft and, as a result, were running running out of oxygen. Full story, go here.

As a result of this, they (the astronauts and NASA) needed how to figure out how to make the random resources they do have access to into a DIY air filtration system.

I feel like this is a great metaphor for life and life on earth. We have limited resources. There's no instruction manual for what to do when things happen. We didn't really choose the situation we are in (i.e. we were just born). We have to, as my dad would say, "work the problem".

Further, I often reflect on the first of the four noble truth's of Buddhism: life is suffering. Shit is going to hit the fan, it's inevitable. But this always reminds me of Apollo 13. Given that "life is suffering" or that "our space ship just blew up so we are running out of oxygen", let's make the best of it.

No idea if Jim Lovell (Tom Hank's character) actually said this but at the end of the movie he says, "NASA called our mission a successful failure." Couldn't that be used to describe life? lol

Written: October 16, 2020