Frequently Asked Cams

One of the reasons I made this site is to serve as a FAQs of me.

For whatever reason, I get asked questions by people. And I find it follows Pareto Distribution (I think that’s the one?). Most people tend to ask the same questions.

I used to try to respond to everyone individually via video call, text, Messenger, LinkedIn. But I started to email responses and then I could forward those emails to others who asked the same question. That’s was one of the impetuses for this site: why don’t I make a website with my FAQs and then I could just send a link to someone to asks the question.

As mentioned, I done this before with emails. I have made a few people upset before. One in particular, I remember he got very upset that I was forwarding life update emails from myself to him because he thought it was inpersonalizing our relationship. It probably is / was... but it's like one way I know how to scale myself. I want to stay in touch with lots of people so the best way for me to do that is to write it once and then send it of or publish it to my site.

Written: October 24, 2020