From customers I've worked with:

As Head of Sales and Marketing at URB-E, Cameron was our sales rep we worked with to upgrade our ecommerce store to Shopify Plus. While I've managed sales teams and worked with many sales professionals, Cameron's passion, attention to detail, personalization, and follow up stood out. He is a great salesperson blending patience, persistence, and tenacity.

Evan Saunders, Head of Sales and Marketing @ URB-E

Cameron was my customer success/ sales manager when I became a client of Notion. He is an extremely talented and hard working person. He has a natural ability to understand my customer and our end user needs. Cameron is a strategic thinker and he was able to share his vision with me while articulating what is doable right now and suggesting technical workarounds in the meantime. In addition, he drives timelines and instills responsibility in his work from what I have experienced. I was particularly impressed by his ability to handle even the toughest product questions from a sales/ support perspective - and effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.

Ella Brand, Senior Technical Program Manager at Solvvy

Cameron is an absolute joy to work with! I looked forward to every interaction we had during his time as a Shopify Plus account executive. What always stood out to me was his great sense of humor, as well as his ability to communicate the right things at the right times. Without question, I would recommend him to any company, in any industry.

— Andy Karam, Digital Marketer @ True Manufacturing

I had the pleasure of working with Cameron in 2018, his commitment, accuracy, helpful nature and ability to get things done blew me away. Can't recommend enough! Thank you Cameron.

James Wintle, Chief Digital & Technology Officer @ Victoria Beckham

From superiors:

Cam is an achiever with grit, hustle and passion. As a top performer Cam not only contributed to the growth of the organization with his own performance, but he also spent time sharing knowledge and best practices with his colleagues in order to help them also succeed. He is an extremely hard worker and I believe Cam will be a top contributor in any role he is passionate about!

Mary Uffelmann, Sales Coach @ Shopify Plus (she was my lead for 8 months)

When Cameron asked me to write a recommendation, he asked me to be genuine. How perfect, since Cameron is one of the most genuine people I know. He puts his whole heart into each project he takes on, and is relentless in his pursuit of learning and making others’ lives better. I have never seen anyone work harder. I feel very lucky to have worked with Cameron for 2 years at Shopify - he consistently exceeded his sales targets due to three factors: 1) He never gives up, 2) He is upfront and honest, which always makes people feel comfortable and 3) He always thinks outside the box. This combination of skills is so rare, and so valuable. It makes not only himself better, but also everyone around him - a true multiplier. Any organization would be very lucky to have Cameron on their team.

Julia Bowen, Former Head of Outbound @ Shopify Plus (she was my manager for 1.5 years)

Cam lead up sales at Slope. Working with him was a pleasure. He is detail oriented, and Cam never leaves a page unturned when it comes to customer success. To succeed in working with Cam, I recommend level setting expectations early on. Cam believes in long term investments for the company, and he makes decisions to contribute to a larger goal rather than a myopic one. I appreciate Cam’s humor and love for books as well. To any team he joins, he will be a quirky, value adding, coachable team member.

Phillip Hui-Bon-Hoa, Partner at SLOPE

From colleagues:

Cameron is, to be blunt, one of the smartest and most voracious people I’ve ever worked with. In a large company, it isn’t easy to find trusted advisors, especially outside of your department. For competition analysis, big-picture thinking, and even marketing content, I turned to Cameron over and over again.He is wise beyond his years with a keen mind and all the powerful enthusiasm of youth.

Aaron Orendorff, Editor in Chief @ Shopify Plus

I worked with Cam for nearly two years at Shopify Plus. During that time I watched him exhibit some exemplary qualities that would make him an asset to any team. Cam was a leader on his sales team at Shopify, one of the few reps consistently hitting his targets while taking time every single week to help coach and strategize with his fellow reps. I’ve watched him put in 60 hour weeks without complaint as the quarter would wind down (pushing his team to hit their shared targets), and spend his downtime penning guides for newer reps to help them ramp up asap. One thing that impressed me the most about Cam is how he was able to put the merchant experience first, really empathizing with them over their problems and working hard with them to try to solve them. Several deals in particular stand out to me as times when Cam realized that the enterprise Shopify subscription wasn’t the right fit for the merchant and would encourage them to consider the values of a lower tier plan, ensuring a lifelong Shopify customer who would move to Shopify Plus when they’re ready. I would love to work with Cam again and know that he’ll bring some incredible value to whatever team he joins.

Io Hanson, Solutions Engineer @ Shopify Plus

I loved working with Cam in the sales organization at Shopify Plus. His hustle was legendary, second only to his desire to help our customers make the right choice for their business. He is creative, thoughtful, a whole lot of fun to be around, and loves a challenge. We were sad to see him go, but can't wait to see what magic he'll create next.

Steve Haase, Global Head of Solutions Engineering @ Shopify Plus

Cameron is one of those individuals that is determined to always do things the right way. I was always extremely impressed by his attention to detail and consistency. Cameron has a truly unique talent and I think he would shine on your sales team / customer success team. Cameron's always make sure there is a merchant-first experience and transparency between sales and customer success teams. Cameron was also able to complete very thorough handoff documents that our Launch Engineering team could utilize.

Paul Moretti, Launch Engineering Team Lead @ Shopify Plus

I had the pleasure of working with Cam at Shopify Plus. My team regularly received new clients from him and apart from being genuinely interested in the success of his clients, he was also meticulous about making sure the Success team were properly introduced and all of the clients objectives made clear. He really does care about challenging his clients to help ensure they succeed in growing. A true asset to any sales team.

John Sloan, Merchant Success Team Lead @ Shopify Plus

Cam's energy, enthusiasm, kindness and generosity were always evident in his work at Plus. I didn't have the opportunity to work directly with him that much but his fingerprints were all over many of the partner opportunities I saw. He was one of the top performers on the sales team but never kept his secrets to himself. He's genuine and authentic in a way that many strive to be but are too cagey at heart to ever fully realize.

Nick Thomson, Agency Partnership Lead @ Shopify Plus

Cam is the most intrinsically motivated, hard working person I’ve ever met, and I consider myself lucky to have worked under his direct mentorship. When I first started working with him as a new member of Shopify’s sales organization, he quickly got an understanding of what I wanted out of my new role and as well as what I hoped to put into it. As I worked towards my goals, he continuously challenged me, gave me honest feedback, and encouraged me even as I struggled. I owe a great deal of thanks to Cam for having helped me level up so quickly, having exceeded my target by over 200% within my first quarter. He is a true lifelong learner who puts his heart and soul into helping others succeed. Anyone would be lucky to have Cam as their mentor or leader!

Josee DeBoer, Sales Rep @ Shopify Plus

From agency partners:

I had the pleasure of working with Cameron during his tenure as an Account Executive at Shopify Plus. I was on the agency side and frequently collaborated with Cameron on working and closing new business for our agency and for Shopify Plus. Cameron was very easy to work with. He was always communicative and informative, a straight shooter who often went above and beyond to help us feel like truly valued partners. His understanding of the product he was selling was paramount and he helped educate our team on the best ways to present the solution so that it would resonate with potential clients. I would love to work with Cameron again and think he would make a great asset to any organization looking to expand their business development team.

Jason Riemer, Business Development Manager at One Rockwell

We worked with Cameron as a Shopify Plus partner and found him to be extremely teamwork-oriented and collaborative in his approach with us. He kept his eye on the ball and continuously came up with insightful approaches to qualify products to our clients. I'd recommend Cameron to anyone without hesitation.

Bodog Olah, Founder and CEO of Createur